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Monday, July 17, 2006

Book of the Week...

Book of the week 7/17, is Jean Frost's "Jackets".
At the TNNA fashion show, jackets seemed to dominate the runway. This book gives you the opportunity to knit your own jacket and when your jacket is noticed-and it will be-you can proudly say, "Thank you, I knit it myself."
Jean Frost is a pro...from taking the initial measurements to the final finish, she breaks the process into easy steps.
"I like to think of a knitted jacket as several small projects."
Come look at the will understand what we are talking about.
OH...almost forgot to tell you. The Fiddlestick patterns for all the beautiful lace shawls came in. What an inspiration to begin to knit lace. We can't wait to start our own!


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