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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wish Lists

So you have a birthday or anniversary coming up?
Want to help make it easy for people to get you the "perfect" gift?

Did you know that Knitter's Mercantile has a "wish list" book?
Yes, we do! You can come in and fill out your list of items (yarn, needles, books, magazines, patterns) that you'd enjoy getting as a gift from friends and loved ones.

The book is available for additions and browsing anytime the shop is open. It's one the table near those comfortable couches. Fill out your sheet of gift ideas and let your friends and family know its there. There's always the idea of a "gift certificate" available in any amount from $5 to "the skys the limit."

(and if you know someone who would get you a gift certificate for "the skys the limit" please let them know I'll be happy to take a bit of the sky. **grin**)


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