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Thursday, January 05, 2006

New at the Merc...

Happy New Year everyone. Sorry I didn't get the "book of the week" on the blog this week. It will be all fresh next week and speaking of next week, remember that we will be closed on Mon. 1/9/06 for inventory. Doesn't that sound like fun!
As many of you know we are looking for help. Help I mean in an employee. We are looking, ideally, for someone with retail experience and able to somewhat assist customers with knitting/crocheting. In particular we need help during the day not just on weekends and evenings.
If anyone out there can send us a candidate, or be a candidate, well we sure would appreciate!!


Blogger auntgerry said...

Sally I didn't know your e-mail so here is the free internet pattern for the fingerless mittens you asked about.

Sorry but you will have to type it all into URL space.

8:13 PM


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