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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Holiday Gift Shopping

That's right! Lots of knitters stopped by the shop looking for yarn for the perfect scarf, hat or gloves for those on our list. New yarn has arrived, so do stop by the shop and see what's around. Lots of yarn has been added to the 40% off shelves!

Here are some pictures of Mary's gift for one of her daughters. This poncho is knit using 6 skeins of Manos. Use about a size 10 needle CO 98 sts K2xP2 rib til ya run out. Save enough to sew the seam. Just knit, knit and purl, purl. Once you cast off, just join so you have a nice point. The poncho can be worn in several ways...point to front, point back, point to the side. Very nice indeed!

Please note the wonderful modeling. It's the perfect model look!


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