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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Einstein Coat Class

Sallie has been teaching a class on knitting the Einstein Coat from the wonderful The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville. Kara finished her's and shared the finished product on Friday at the shop. Notice how happy Kara is about completing the coat. She did a great job! Would you believe, it's a gift? Wow! I'll take a gift like that any day!

The lovely Jill spent sometime modeling the garment for us. I had to snap a picture! About four staff were giving their opinions on which buttons should go on the coat.

More copies of The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville have been ordered. Have you seen this amazing book?

Knitters of various experience from just learning to 25+ years experience have used the book for the inspiring designs and renewed enthusiasm for the "knit stitch."

Perhaps other members of the class will model their completed projects so I can post them for you to see. I'm almost finished with mine...almost half a sleeve left. I'll sure someone will take a picture for me and I'll post it for you to see.


Blogger Spins said...

I made the long version of this coat in burgundy last year and absolutely love it.

In fact this is one book that I can't seem to keep. I've just non-intentionally given away 2 copies of this book grrr....

Happy knitting

3:03 PM

Blogger karaleighb said...

Jerry- what a happy thing seeing my finished project on the blog!
How kind to display my handiwork... but credit goes to Sallie bigtime for being such a great help.
Fun times..

1:00 AM


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